Oakley is one of the lead investors in Inspired, a global premium private schools group established by Nadim Nsouli.

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Fund I & Fund II
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Inspired was established by Nadim M Nsouli through his Educas investment vehicle in 2013 to build a global group of premium schools. Inspired has rapidly grown through acquisition and greenfield development.

Oakley Capital initially invested in the group in July 2013 to help fund Inspired’s first acquisition taking a majority stake in Reddam House – a group of four premium, private South African schools founded by Graeme Crawford. Since then, Inspired has expanded to Africa, Europe, Australia and Latin America and today is a group with 28 premium schools and 5 early learning centres educating over 20,000 students.

In July 2017 Oakley Capital realised part of its stake in Inspired.