Sourcing unique investment opportunities requires a different approach. Oakley’s investment team works alongside our network of entrepreneurs, leveraging their insights and expertise to unearth the most promising deals. Often, it is our track record in a particular market together with our entrepreneurial heritage that convinces business founders to partner with us.

Our sourcing model means many investments can be complex, such as corporate carve-outs. They may require speedy execution to support founders and management teams who want to move quickly. While these situations require greater due diligence, attention, and agility, they offer strong opportunities to create value.

Our approach

Sustainable value creation

We seek to partner with businesses where we believe we can make a difference. We work proactively with founders and management teams to create sustainable value through:

  • Business transformation: for example, building out standalone operations post carve-out, or shifting sales to a SAAS/recurring model
  • Performance improvement: such as improving management information and reporting, or identifying the optimal marketing channel to accelerate growth
  • Leadership development: recruiting senior leaders, establishing standalone management teams in the case of carve-outs, and building succession solutions where founders want to step back
  • Buy-and-build: large-scale transformative acquisitions, as well as platform consolidation in fragmented markets